picture showing a bottle of Semenax climax pillsDo you ever want to have that little more kick at the end of your love making? Or ever feel that the ending just doesn’t match the build up?

Well, I’m talking about some amazing wild orgasmic contractions at the end of your climax or ejaculation. Yes, men can experience orgasm too like women but, we hardly do due to lack of super long foreplay.

In this article, I would be discussing my experience with the Semenax climax pills. But first, let me remind you that…

There is nothing worse than being let down at the end of sex. All that build up, excitement and anticipation… just had to end with a slight orgasm and a pathetic spurt.

Now, we can’t do better or even think that sex can be better because we think this is how sex is supposed to end.

Well, let me introduce you to the ending of an Amazing Sex…

Amazing sex ends with massive shooting ejaculations that coincides with multiple contractions and at the same time makes you shout out exclamations of OOHs and AHHs that culminates with the feeling of having the Best Sex Ever!

WOW. What I just said above can happen with just a little help. The help of a very effective climax and orgasm pill called Semenax.


Semenax Review: My Experience With This Orgasm Pill

Semenax is one of the best orgasm pills on the market. The reason I say this is because it works the very first time. Well, to tell you the truth, I didn’t expect any results the first day I used Semenax.

But, I was surprised. The first day of just using 4 pills, I started to get some powerful contractions that left me in wonderment and ecstasy! And, the ejaculation power it gave me had me shooting semen with some extreme volcanic forces!

I told my wife I never felt like that in a long time – maybe once or twice I had something like those orgasmic feelings. And I said to her I want to feel the powerful orgasms every time – this means stocking on regular supplies of Semenax.

Now, another surprising part was that my wife loved the way I was climaxing. My powerful orgasmic contractions were giving her some new sexual delights and pleasures too.

The recommended dosage for Semenax is 2 pills in the morning and 2 in the evening. I was using Semenax with a boner pill called VigRX Plus. These two are actually the best sex enhancement pills I’ve ever used!

As my experience goes…

After a break of not using any Semenax or VigRX Plus for 3 days, I used 2 Semenax pills with 1 VigRX Plus pill – and I can honestly tell you that I had an amazing and strong climax.

Again I was speechless. I just get multiple orgasmic results every time I use Semenax. Meaning I can stop using it and then pick it up on any random day and get mind-blowing results.

I noticed some review websites are claiming that Semenax increased their libido and make them a stud in bed. This is not the case for me. I somehow feel these guys are lying just to make you buy from them.

I only noticed the amazing results of better climaxes, more semen volume and stronger ejaculations rather than stronger erections and sexual desires. VigRX Plus helped me with the latter two benefits.

Now, if you only want o use Semenax for all the sexual benefits that “the other guys claim”, then you need to use it for about 3 months to get the ingredients saturated in your body. But, then again your libido vigor might not be as strong as with VigRX Plus.

You see, the manufacturer made VigRX Plus and Semenax be taken together for the best sex experience ever. They work hand in hand, safely – and you would get amazing sexual results fast.

I hope I’m not getting sidetracked talking about VigRX Plus because I just want you to know that Semenax works really well to intensify your climax and sperm volume and not for premature ejaculation, sexual desires or erection power.

Semenax Review
image showing semenax semen pill bottle

Product Name: Semenax

Product Description: Semenax is an amazing herbal supplement formulated to help increase sperm volume by up to 500%. Also at the same time, it helps to intensify your climax and have multiple orgasms. Basically its a semen volume, climax and orgasm pill -- all in one.

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My experience with Semenax was unbelievable. The very first day I used it with VigRX Plus, I had some mind-blowing orgasms I never had in years! Bro, I’m talking some serious long contractions while climaxing and they were so pleasurable that I can’t do without my Semenax!

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The Sexual Benefits of Semenax

I can honestly say that the claims made on the official website about this product are really true. I experienced all the benefits of Semenax which are –

  1. Longer Orgasms
  2. More semen volume
  3. Stronger ejaculations and cum shooting power
  4. Multiple orgasmic contractions which are powerful
  5. Strong sexual feelings that make you moan and groan with extreme pleasure as you climax
  6. Intense satisfaction after sex
  7. Mind-blowing climax that drives your partner crazy too!

Now, Semenax is for men of all ages – ranging from 20-60 years of age. However, it is not recommended for females. For women, they can choose either Provestra or Her Solution pills to unleash their sexual desires.

Anyways, Semenax climax pills would soon become one of your daily supplements when you see how it increases your orgasmic pleasures.

[wps_alert type=”announce”]And let me warn you that having multiple orgasms cannot happen just like that or even come with lasting longer in bed. Your body needs special ingredients to amplify your sexual organs.[/wps_alert]

It looks like the manufacturer really packed some superior herbs in this formula… which brings me to…


Semenax Ingredients: The Herbs That Enhance Male Orgasm

As I said above, Semenax is loaded with some well researched high-quality herbs for male orgasm benefits. I kid you not. This climax supplement works every time due to the following ingredients –

Swedish Flower – Also referred to as Rose Pollen, this plant has been used throughout Asia and Europe for its ability to reduce an enlarged prostate while simultaneously supporting its health and function. The prostate plays a vital role in semen production. Therefore, by enhancing its efficiency, you simultaneously enhance the production of semen and seminal fluid.

L-Arginine HCL – has been shown to double semen volume. Moreover, this amino acid increases nitric oxide production which in turn promotes blood circulation throughout the penis for stronger, harder erections.

L-Lysine – An essential amino acid which enhances sperm production, boosts natural testosterone and male virility. When combined with L-Arginine, the effects of these two compounds is roughly 10 times as potent.

Epimedium Sagittatum – Also referred to as “Horny Goat Weed,” this compound is a legendary aphrodisiac. It’s capable of enhancing blood flow throughout penile tissue while also boosting testosterone levels. The end results of using this herb are amazing libido and ejaculatory power.

Zinc Oxide & Zinc Aspartate – Preliminary studies suggest the combination of these compounds can enhance sperm concentration and virility. In fact, many natural practitioners recommend these forms of zinc to help treat infertility and to promote greater ejaculatory volume.

Catuaba Bark – This ancient herb has a long history being used as an aphrodisiac. According to preliminary evidence, the male body utilizes this herb as an overall sexual enhancement compound. Along with boosting libido, this herb targets the psychological aspect of sexuality by enhancing mood and acting as an antidepressant.

Pumpkin Seed – High in zinc, this ingredient works to enhance overall semen production while simultaneously increasing the volume of ejaculatory fluid.

Vitamin E – This potent antioxidant compound improves overall sexual function by supporting greater blood flow to the penile tissue.

Sarsaparilla – The root of this plant is used to make all kinds of medicines including skin, digestion, STDs, joints etc. And among them is the benefit of enhancing your sexual health.

Maca – This powerful herb is used for more sperm volume, promote prostate health and boost sexual desires.

Muira Puama – is a potent herb that is widely used for male enhancement. It actually increases virility and hardens your erections for a better sexual performance and climax.

Hawthorn Berry – is also called the “the heart herb”. And you know if your heart is weak then your erection would be soft. So adding this important herb to Semenax helps to assist your heart to pump blood better to your penis for stronger erections.

Cranberry Extract – helps to keep your urinary tract cleans from unwanted bacteria and supports prostate health.

Avena Sativa Extract – is also known as Green Oats. A 15-year research by a graduate school in California shown that “Avena Sativa works by freeing up testosterone that gets bound to various compounds in the body in both males and females”. The end result of this study shown that men had an increased sex drive with harder erections and multiple orgasms!

Butea Superba – The root of this traditional herb is used to enhance sexual performance and treat impotence.


Now, as you can see, Semenax contains a powerful ingredient profile of some very effective herbs known for sexual benefits.

With regular use, your semen production and climax power are dynamically increased to improve your sex life.

Note: Semenax contains gelatin which is from Bovine.


Best Male Climax Enhancer for a Great Orgasm: Semenax VS Volume Pills

Maybe you have heard of Volume Pills – an orgasm supplement for men that works just like Semenax – and may be wondering which one is better.

Well, from my experience of using both of these orgasm pills, I can honestly say that Semenax is way more effective as an orgasm booster than Volume Pills.

However, Volume Pills as the name suggests produces more sperm load than Semenax for me. Nevertheless, Semenax works to increase cum with regular and longer usage. So, you need at least a 3 month supply of Semenax for best results.

Concerning the orgasm power of Volume Pills, I didn’t experience many multiple contractions and the sweet ecstasy feeling when ejaculating that Semenax gave me.

So, if deciding between the two of them, I prefer to choose Semenax because I love the great orgasm it gave me at the end of sexual intercourse. But, if you have a low sperm count then I recommend you go with Volume Pills.

Actually, there are literally hundreds of pills designed to enhance orgasm for men, but only a few can accomplish what Semenax can do. I can guarantee you that when you feel the strong orgasmic contractions at the end of your climax, you would never look back at your investment in Semenax.


Conclusion: Where to Buy Semenax Orgasm Tablets at the Best Deal

There are several options where you can buy Semenax. There are two official websites where you can get all the big discounts and options for multiple bottles.

And lastly, when you buy 5 boxes of VigRX Plus, you can get a free bottle of Semenax or if you just buy one box of VigRX Plus you would have the option to buy a bottle of Semenax for just $29.99! There is no option to buy more than one bottle here.

So, let Semenax shows you the real way how sex is supposed to end. No more boring ejaculations ever again! The Semenax lifestyle of climax intensity and prolonged pleasure with AWESOME SPRAYING POWER awaits you – just by clicking a link below to place your order.

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