5 Penis Enlargement Methods You Should Never Do

A man with a small penis size may have low confidence in bed. This may lead him do any thing possible to increase it. If you’re experiencing this situation then you need to take precautions.

A normally penis size of 5 inches can fulfill most women in bed — as long as you use it optimally. Furthermore, women prefer a meatier and fatter penis rather than a longer one.

In this article, I’m going to take you along the  journey of 5 penis enlargement methods you should avoid.

1. Penis Surgery or Phalloplasty

First thing, you need to shave your pubic hair before you get into surgery. The doctor got to see where to cut right.

The good about this fast method is that you can add about 1-2 inches of length in a day if successful. Read that again – if successful. Penis Surgery is very expensive for most men. It can cost from $3000 – $10,000.

I personally don’t recommend this quick get big scheme as it comes with lots of risks, problems and side effects. Most penile surgeries don’t go successfully. You can experience infections, lop-sided enlargement, deformities, lost libido, numbness, damage nerves, impotence etc.

As you can see from the above video, you need the guts to go under the knife. And you can do more harm than good. To make matter worse, the surgeon may be a fraud or malpractice doctor.

They don’t care a damn, but your money. So proceed at your own risk!

2. Using Weights

Back in the days using penis weight was very popular to lengthen the shaft. Well, this method is quite an old school stuff [maybe from 1980]. This, in my opinion, is very boring and cumbersome to do. You have to stand and tie the weight onto a string and attached a noose to your penis head.

But where the circumference is concerned you won’t get any or little results. The reason why is because weights pull down the corpus cavernosa tissues which should give you an extra 1 inch in length with regular use.

image of a penis enlargement weight system

This method is very time consuming and requires you to be in a private room for a long time for about 2-4 hours every day. Also, its very dangerous if you use a noose to attach a weight. This is also called Penis Hanging.

You would need to buy a special hanging belt to do this. Many users complained of soreness and fatigue. However, I don’t advice going this way because there is a thin line to damage your erection nerves and cause ED. [Source]

3. Penile Stretchers

There are many penis stretching devices selling online. I have tried a few of them but to no avail or results. I’m not taking penis extenders, I talking about penis stretching devices that harness the use of silicone cups, belts, noose and straps that attached to your leg.

The idea is that continuous use would cause your penis to grow. Well, I have not noticed any growth. These devices you can find a lot selling cheaply on eBay. Go see for yourself but don’t get suckered into buying any.

image of a penis enlargement strap

You’ll just waste your time. To begin the negatives on them, there is a penis stretching string with some nooses. The big noose goes around your neck and the small noose around your penis head.

This setup you can wear through your day. Guess what, you’ll be uncomfortable at work and the small noose would slip off your penis head.

Next penis stretcher is a silicone barrel that you insert into your penis. The silicone is about 2-3 inches long. Again this enlargement method doesn’t work.

The silicone barrel normally slips off when you work or move around too much. Also, your penis would produce a lot of fluid while wearing it. Talk about having your underwear wet and feeling uncomfortable.

Another penis stretcher you should be aware of is the one that harnesses the power of silicone cups and belt strap to your leg. This is another poor setup. The cup would slip off your penis if you move around too much.

The thing is that for any of the above to stay on during usage, is that you have to be stationary while wearing. I have used all the stretching device above and none of them actually work.

image of a penis enlargement silicone and cup system

The only thing I experienced was that my penis gets swollen but then it subsides after-wards. The end result is not any noticeable gains.

4. Penis Clamps & Metal Rings

Penis clamping and metal rings are popular for increasing girth. I can say that they do work but it is at the same time very dangerous. You can damage your penis tissues if you’re too hard or have on the ring for too long.

Imagine having on a small size metal cock ring and you got a serious erection and then it can’t come off – and have to go to the emergency room. Nah, I’ll pass on that.

image showing penis enlarging ring and clamp

Plus finding the right size penis ring can be a pain – as you may not know what to buy. However, a rubber cock ring is great for sex though to keep the erection hard.

One time I tried using a cable clamp but it didn’t turn out a pleasurable experience. As I tightened the clamp around the base of my shaft it pinched my skin. Ouch! That hurts. I tried putting a rubber sleeve but eventually gave up as I don’t have the patience for that method – and couldn’t get the pressure required for maximum growth.

5. Air Vacuum Penis Pump

Now we get into the age-old air vacuum penis pumps. Oh yeah, they work good for temporary gains but permanent gains can be tricky. To begin with, I was a proud owner of a Fireman penis pump back in the days. As a novice, I was excited about the temporary gains.

The shaft was looking really swollen and big after immediate pumping. But after time I noticed that the enormous gains don’t “stick”. Also, I saw that my enlargement is not even – part of my penis get pulled. The gains are not evenly distributed throughout my member. This caused the middle of my boy to get fatter than the root/base.

air vacuum penis pump dangerous

So the problem with air vacuum penis pumps is that they don’t create an even pressure for penis enlargement. Also, they can cause a lot of pain to your pubic bone as the strong suction really press the cylinder against it. I’m not sure if any manufacturer presently makes a comfortable pad sleeve to go with their air vacuum pumps. But back in the days, it was simply a durable rubber.

Nevertheless, air vacuum penile pumps do help men suffering from ED or impotence to achieve an erection. And also they do work to enlarge your penis but you have to use with caution. Meaning that you should not use for more than 15 minutes per session and don’t continue to use if you are experiencing pain or swelling. Also, don’t expect great enlargement results, as you’ll only get uneven mediocre gains.


Now you may be wondering how you can enlarge your penis size if none of the above is recommended. Well, the best way is to use a water penis pump as its a safe and effective method for penis enlargement.