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#1 Over the Counter Erection Pill That May Help With Your Erectile Dysfunction Problem

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You are not alone. Over 30 million men in the United States are unable to get an erection and maintain it for sexual intercourse.

Fortunately, there is an over the counter ED pill that can help with your erectile dysfunction problem.

It is called Viasil. It is the only OTC ED supplement that works in 30 minutes to bring back the vitality and life to your sexual function.

Rank #1: Viasil

Viasil is the only OTC erectile dysfunction pill that can promote blood flow to your penis and make it super hard in 30 minutes. This pill works amazingly to keep your libido in supercharged mode, which would help you satisfy and please your partner like never before.


  • Works in 30 Minutes
  • 1 Pill a Day
  • 100% Natural & Over the Counter
  • 100 Days Refund Policy!
  • Not Dangerous like one night stand pills
  • No Side Effects
  • Vegetarian, Halal & Kosher
  • Bonuses and Discounts
  • Fast & Discreet Shipping to United States, UK & Europe


  • Only Available Online
  • Results may vary

How to Use Viasil for Best Results

Take 1 Viasil tablet daily in the morning or evening with light food. Also, take 2 tablespoons per day of organic honey. Take 1 tablespoon in the morning and 1 in the night.

  • Sexual Stamina & Desires - 9.7/10
  • Erection Power - 9.8/10
  • Multiple Sessions - 9.7/10
  • Orgasms & Climax - 7.5/10

How much to buy?

Grab the 5 months’ supply – because you’d need them daily to keep the fire burnin’. Get 3 months FREE and save $329.93!

How much to buy?

Grab the 5 months’ supply – because you’d need them daily to keep the fire burnin’. Get 3 months FREE and save $329.93!

How Viasil Helps Your Sexual Function

Viasil contains a unique blend of premium aphrodisiac herbs that promote nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide¹ is a reactive gas that helps to relax the muscles and promotes better blood circulation in the body.

As the muscles relax throughout your body to the penis, the blood vessels and veins open up more. This allows more blood to run into your penis, making it more engorged, harder and stiffer.

Isn’t this what you want?

I’ve been into the male enhancement industry since 2006 and have never seen a supplement like Viasil.

Viasil is a new breakthrough natural ED pill that works in 30 minutes. It is made by Swiss Research Labs.

Viasil helps to restore your erection rigidity by increasing the production of Adenosine Triphosphate [ATP] and Nitric Oxide [NO] in your body.

ATP² is a molecule found in the cells of living organisms. It transports the energy necessary for all cellular metabolic activities.

So, ATP and NO are super vital to combat erectile dysfunction³.

Remember erectile dysfunction occurs when enough blood is not flowing to your penis due to emotional or physical medication conditions.

Viasil improves and empowers these two natural factors in our body simultaneously to help you regain and maintain your erectile strength, power and stamina.

All you need to do is to take 1 supplement 30 minutes before sexual activity. One tablet lasts 3 days! A box contains 10 tablets. No need to drink daily pills.

Furthermore, I highly recommend that you use 2 tablespoons of organic honey daily with Viasil. This combo would unleash some monster erection strength like never before and turn your overall sexual performance into overdrive! You would literally become a super stud overnight.

Now, let take a look at the ingredients that make Viasil so effective, unique and powerful…

Viasil Ingredients

Horny Goat Weed — This herb helps to inhibit the release of the enzyme called PDE5 in your penile tissues. PDE5 is responsible for reducing blood flow. So, with less PDE5 in your system, you would have more blood circulation for rock hard erections.

Zinc — This is a vital mineral for your sexual function. It may help boost low testosterone levels, increase sperm production and cell growth.

Citrus Sinensis — Commonly known as orange peel. It is rich in bioflavonoids which help to support healthy blood vessels and veins and also produces more NO for better blood circulation.

Ginkgo Biloba — It helps to promote better blood circulation and a NO booster. Also, it helps to combat the damage free radicals have on your blood vessels and tissues and reduces anxiety.

Tribulus-Terrestris — Tribulus-Terrestris can increase your sex drive and libido by reducing your blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Panax Ginseng Root — Ginseng is widely used in Chinese medicine to reduce depression, boost the immune system and improve overall sexual performance.

Pomegranate — This superfruit has been used for many centuries to boost sexual functions. It is rich in antioxidants and promotes NO production for better circulation of blood. It can boost sex drive, increase testosterone levels and improve sperm quality.

A study found that Pomegranate can improve erectile dysfunction conditions in males with just one glass a day.⁴

As you can see from the ingredients above, Viasil is packed with natural goodness to relax your penile tissues and ensure an optimal flow of blood to it for maximum hardness.

Note: The manufacturer advises that you should take a break from Viasil every 3-4 months to prevent immunity to Viasil.

Beware of OTC ED Pills With Tainted Ingredients

You see, there are many erectile supplements out there selling at gas stations especially those that claim to be natural but they contained undisclosed ingredients like those or similar to the active ingredients found in popular prescription medications for ED.

The FDA is cracking down on these pills too. See the list⁵ of some of these products that are banned and should be off the shelves.

The thing is, when you scrutinize the label of these pills, you see the general libido herbs’ name and maybe how much mg it contained.

These undeclared ingredients have side effects like rapid heart rate, dizziness, headache, flushing, upset stomach, low blood pressure etc.

Do Cheap OTC Erectile Dysfunction Pills Work?

The short answer is NO.

I have bought IntenseX, Libido-Max and Zhou Horny Goat Weed to see how well they work.

image showing an IntenseX box
image showing a zhou horny goat weed bottle

These pills promised to do wonders. The first few days I used them I felt a little kick, then after, it was a dud – meaning no effect!

By “kick” I meant I had some little stronger erections – due to the horny goat weed ingredient– but not much to brag about. Plus, my sexual desires didn’t increase at all.

From the look of things I realized that with such poor results, these cheap erectile pills may have contained low-quality ingredients. You see lots of companies are using inferior and filler ingredients in their supplements to cut on cost.

But you should never settle for cheap or mediocre erection tablets. They would embarrass you instead of enhancing you.

You basically drinking pill after pill with no real, life-changing results to show in bed. I felt consolidated. The pills were cheap. I get what I paid for.

But then again results may vary from men to men. Its time for you to decide…


In conclusion, it is a good idea to make some lifestyle changes like exercising, eating healthy, stop smoking, quit drinking alcohol and avoiding stress to drastically reduce the effects of erectile dysfunction in your life.

But, it all boils down to that you need help now. You need help with ED now. And this exactly what Viasil can do for you… restore your sexual vigor, erection power, and ultimately your sex life back again.

How much to buy?

Grab the 5 months’ supply – because you’d need them daily to keep the fire burnin’. Get 3 months FREE and save $329.93!

Note: Seek your doctor’s advice before using any supplements above and honey if you’re using other medicines or have health problems.

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About The Author: Wayne Hansen

Wayne Hansen

I am the owner of enhanceers.com and an alternative medicine enthusiast for the past 20 years. I love to take care of my health and stay in shape.

The male enhancement field is my specialty. There are many scam products in this industry that are full of inferior ingredients and harmful substances. Due to this, I only recommend the ones that I’ve used that produce ZERO side effects.