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(Last Updated On: August 1, 2018)

image showing some male ed creamsDo you know that a male enhancement cream can come in three different forms?

  1. The one that promises to make your penis bigger.
  2. The other that promises to make you last longer in bed.
  3. The one that promises to make you harder instantly.

In this article, I ‘m going to discuss the pros and cons of each of these creams above to help you make a buying decision.

But, the million dollar question is, why should you listen to me…

Well, I’m an expert in the male enhancement field, with over 16 years experience. And, I have tried these popular penis creams I reviewed below to debunk the hype and gauge their effectiveness.

So, let’s get right into it…


How to Choose the Right Male Enhancement Cream for Your Needs

Before you buy a cream for your penis, you need to isolate the most important reason as to what benefit you want from it.

Do you need it for male enlargement, or more stamina in bed, or rock-hard erections?

Choose one.

Because from my experience, there is no male enhancement cream that can give you all three [3] benefits above at once. If such product claims to, then they are lying or the product is lacking in some areas.

Furthermore, many creams are made from inferior ingredients that hardly do anything. One way to identify these products is the price. They are very cheap and typically sold at your local stores like Walmart., Walgreens, RiteAid, CVS etc.

However, buying an expensive topical enhancing cream doesn’t necessarily means that the product is top quality. It can be overpriced.

Also, you would see many review sites claiming that “this and that” enhancement cream is the best. But, do they show evidence – like me?

Anyway, let’s begin with…


Male Enhancement Cream for Enlarging the Penis

If you want to use an enlargement cream to increase your penis size, then to see realistic results can be tricky and unsatisfying.

You see, these topical penis creams work by increasing blood flow to it. That’s it. Nothing Else. Your member would appear bigger while flaccid and erect.

But, as weeks pass by with regular use, your penis would NEVER get bigger! The reason why is because you have to do penis exercises to give tension to your erectile tissues.

So, with stretching and pulling your organ and the penis enlarging cream working together – only then you can see some penis growth.

Well, how do I know?

I have tried a product called Casagrande Oil – the company is no more. I bought it many years ago on eBay. It is made from some kind of leeches in Malaysia. The claim is that the leech oil helps to enlarge the penis and recover 6,666 veins!

Yeah right.

I have used the leech oil and follow their penis exercise program but I didn’t see any results. The oil has a bad smell. Furthermore, my erection strength was the same.

Nothing got better.

Bottom line, beware of creams and oils claiming to increase your penis size. They cannot work without the help of enlargement exercises – which you need to do for at least six [6] months.

So, if you’re looking a penis enlarging cream, then stay away from leech oil or any cream that claim to do so. You would just waste your money – as penis exercises are the mainframe of your gains.

The best product to use with a penis enlargement exercise program is extra virgin olive oil. It is cheap, effective and last longer.

Moreso, penis creams contain ingredients already found in penis pills. Again, these ingredients can be inferior – and there can be a problem with absorption rate with the product.

From my experience, I found that enlargement pills for male are way better to use, as the ingredients work from within my body more effectively.

In conclusion, don’t waste your time on “so-called” penis enlargement cream or oil – just use some good quality extra virgin oil instead. It works better for jelqing etc. And of course, use some top penis pills at the same time too.

But if you got money to burn like me, then I recommend you apply some of the enhancement cream I recommended below for harder erections after you finished a penis workout session to reinvigorate and re-energize your organ from soreness for the next session.


Male Enhancement Cream for Last Longer in Bed

Every man faces premature ejaculation at some time in their life. Now, this problem can go away with practice and patience.

But, how much of us got the control?

PE can stay with us as long you live if you don’t do something about it. There are some premature ejaculation methods you can do to develop your staying power. You can try the start and stop method, penis squeeze technique, take your mind off your feelings or use a last longer in bed cream.

There are numerous last longer in bed creams claiming to make you a stud in bed. Well, I don’t think you want me to tell you about the frauds, fakes and snake oils among them.

Actually, just a few years ago many companies are manufacturing longer in bed sprays rather than creams. Maybe because the spray is better to produce than the cream. So presently on the market, there are hardly any premature ejaculation creams — there are more PE sprays.

These PE sprays are called desensitizer sprays. A male desensitizer spray normally contains a numbing ingredient — which can be either Benzocaine and Lidocaine.  It works by desensitizing your penis shaft.

This brings me to the world of the…


Top Desensitizing Spray to Prevent Premature Ejaculation: VigRX Delay Spray

VigRX Delay Spray is a super effective desensitizing spray to instantly cure your premature ejaculation problems. I have used it and I can proudly tell you that it works!

First, you have to use about 1-3 sprays directly onto your penis and glans. I recommend before romancing. I do one spray at the head, one on the middle of the shaft and one at the base of my penis. Then I massage thoroughly and then wait for at least 10 minutes before entry – as I said, do some romancing.

When you’re ready to enter, use a baby wipe and wipe off your penis shaft – in this way the desensitizing spray wouldn’t numb your spouse too. Well, maybe this wouldn’t happen as the spray would dry out and gets absorb – but you never know – don’t take any chances.

In this 10-minute wait above, your penis would become numb in a safe way. You have nothing to worry about. Your erection wouldn’t go down or get soft in any manner. VigRx Delay Spray doesn’t affect you negatively in getting an erection.

Your boner would be just fine throughout the entire sexual act. The only thing you would feel in a numb penis but at the same time all the sweet pleasures!


What Makes VigRX Spray So Effective… the Ingredients

Yes, this male desensitizing spray is packed with some powerful herbs and the local anesthetic Benzocaine. The Benzocaine acts as a numbing agent which blocks nerve signals in your body. [Source]

The Benzocaine used is about 10% – and the herbal ingredients are – Licorice Root Extract, Ceylon Cinnamon Bark, Panax Ginseng Root, Raspberry Fruit Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, White Peony Root, Wild Yam Root, Black Cohosh Root, Maca and Damiana.

Please Note: When you actually look at the ingredients on the official VigRX Delay Spray box, you’ll see some other Latin names for these herbs above. I just did some research and substitute the Latin name with their common names.


VigRX Delay Spray VS Promescent Spray

If you’ve heard about the quite popular Promescent Spray; you wonder how it measures up to the VigRX Plus Spray. Well, Promescent contains 10% Lidocaine – another type of numbing agent [Source] like Benzocaine.

About 8 years ago, I bought a male desensitizer cream with Lidocaine as the main ingredient from my local health store. Indeed it made me numb. But concerning the last longer in bed effect – NONE. Apart from that, when I came the first time, I couldn’t get an erection again to go again the second time! My penis was lifeless, DEAD.

I was scared if this feeling would become permanent. I even washed off a few times with soap and no boner to go again. I felt embarrassed as my newly married wife was all in the mood.

And guess what? Promescent primary ingredient is Lidocaine, the culprit that put me to shame! You see, Lidocaine is stronger that Benzocaine. The former is great for a dentist to use to extract your tooth. Whereas, Benzocaine is a mild anesthetic.

Using Benzocaine in a premature ejaculation spray is the right thing to do – not Lidocaine. So stay away from Promescent before you face the same fate as me. Also, another great thing about VigRX Delay Spray is that its herbal ingredients also penetrate into your penile tissues to empower your erection harder and bigger!

WOW. Imagine the sexual power you’ll get. So, as you can see VigRX Delay Spray is way better than Promescent Spray to safely make you last longer and recover quickly to go again and again – all without the negative numbness.

VigRX Delay Spray
image showing vigrx delay spray that helps you last longer in bed

Product Name: VigRX Delay Spray

Product Description: VigRX Delay Spray is male enhancement spray that helps you last longer in bed. This desensitizer spray has a mild numbing agent -- Benzocaine 10% -- that gently numbs your organ without affecting your erection quality. It also contains some powerful herbal ingredients to strengthen your boner to go multiple sessions.

Availability: OnlineOnly


After using VigRX Delay Spray, I can happily say that this male desensitizer really works to help prolong your sexual stamina and curb premature ejaculations. But, you cannot pound away at first — you have to use the start and stop method for about 5 times till you feel a sudden urge to keep going without breaking.

  • Quality
  • Ingredients
  • Side Effects
  • Effectiveness


  • 67 Money Back Guarantee
  • Works in 10 minutes
  • Helps you last longer in bed
  • Mild Anesthetic
  • Doesn’t Affect Erection Quality
  • Still would feel sweet pleasures nevermind the numbness
  • Safe Formula
  • Condom Compatible
  • Better than Promescent Spray
  • Discreet and Bonuses Offered


  • Not sold in stores
  • Not Cheap
  • You have to use the start and stop method with it to prolong intercourse
  • Cannot use with oral sex. Wipe off first
  • Results may vary


Male Enhancement Creams or ED Creams That Work for Harder Erections

If you’re wondering if there is any male enhancement cream or ED cream that actually makes your erection quality harder, then the answer is, YES.

I have used two [2] of them – Prosolution Gel and VigRX Oil.

These creams work like a charm. And the beauty about them, they work instantaneously. Their absorption rate is super quick. I felt the creams working in just minutes.

Now, you may be wondering which cream you should choose – Prosolution Gel or VigRX Oil. Well, let take a more in-depth review of each of them below.


VigRX Oil – The Best ED Cream

The direction for VigRX Oil is to apply a dime size amount of gel onto your organ’s shaft. Then massage it well till it dries. Now, you have to wait for about 10-15 minutes for the ingredients to start working.

They work by relaxing the blood vessels and capillaries in your penis – allowing more blood to flow freely into your penis.

As this happens, your shaft becomes super hard. My best advice is to apply VigRX Oil before you start the romancing… so by the time you ready to enter her, your boner should be rock-hard.

Actually, in my experience, here are some instant benefits you’ll experience with VigRX Oil –

  1. Harder erections fast
  2. Helps you maintain a rock hard erection during sex
  3. Shorter recovery time
  4. Ability to get a hard-on quickly, again and again – even if you just ejaculate.

And to add to the benefits, after a few weeks of constant use, you’ll start getting the ability to last longer in bed.

Now, let’s take a look at the top ingredients that make this hard on cream for men work like a charm –

  • L-Arginine – is an important amino acid which helps to produce nitric oxide. Nitric Oxide is a gas that dilates your blood vessels and capillaries to hold more blood. As you can see, the end result is a bigger, powerful erection.
  • Korean Red Ginseng Extract – This is a widely used aphrodisiac to help promote more blood flow to your penis.
  • Hawthorn Berry Extract – helps in dilation and promotes blood circulation.
  • Ginkgo Biloba Extract – helps to increase blood circulation.
  • Muira Puama Extract – uses to enhance your potency and sexual drive.
  • Catuaba Bark Extract – uses to improve libido and blood flow.
  • Cuscuta Seed Extract – helps to make you last longer and increase fertility.
  • Epimedium Extract – help to improve sex drive and sexual performance.

Lastly, VigRX Oil is safe to use with oral sex and condoms – and you don’t have to worry about any sticky residue when you want to wash off. It washes off cleanly like it was never applied – unlike cheap formulas.

VigRX Oil
image showing vigrx oil box

Product Name: VigRX Oil

Product Description: VigRX Oil is a powerful herbal penis oil that can help you achieve an instant erection unlike any other you have experienced. Due to its transdermal nature, it quickly gets absorbed into your skin to empower your boner and helps you recover to go again -- and again.

Availability: OnlineOnly


I can honestly tell you that VigRX Oil makes my erection hard as a rock. My wife was amazed at the “stone-like” hardness. Not to mention, this topical oil can make you go to as many rounds you want to, without fatigue.

  • Quality
  • Ingredients
  • Side Effects
  • Erection Power


  • 67 Refund Policy
  • Immediate Results
  • Herbal Formula
  • Condom Compatible
  • Safe for oral sex
  • Fast erection recovery
  • Discount & Bonuses Offered
  • Discreet Shipping


  • Not sold in stores
  • It’s Expensive
  • Results may vary


Prosolution Gel – A Powerful Stay Hard Cream

Prosolution Gel is used the same way as VigRX Oil above. You take a dime size amount and massage onto your penis. As you do, you would feel a moderate burning sensation initially.

As the gel gets absorbed and dries out, after a minute or two, the burning goes away. This is because the product contains a little extra Menthol.

The Menthol is there to help you with premature ejaculation, but I find that this is hardly the case. It doesn’t really help with just a few uses – use have to use the product over time – like over a month plus.

Here are some real results you can expect from this topical ed cream –

  1. Makes your erection very strong
  2. Helps you get an erection quickly
  3. Keeps your boner super hard throughout love making
  4. Gives your penis the ability to “go again” after you break – like all night long

With all these amazing benefits above, let’s take a look at the ingredients that power this formula –

  • L-Arginine – helps to increase nitric oxide which dilates the blood vessels in the penis to allow more blood flow.
  • Aloe Vera – assists to carry the ingredients into your skin quickly.
  • Bearberry Extract – is used for centuries to treat the urinary tract. It also helps your fluids to move properly for a better erection and climax.
  • Algae Extract – makes your skin supple for better absorption of ProSolution Gel. This also gives the gliding feeling as you apply it.
  • Mango Butter – a great lubricant and aphrodisiac. Uses to enhance male performance in many cultures for centuries too.
  • Menthol – warms and stimulates your genitals, and at the same time helps you last longer.
  • Vitamin C – increases sex drive, erection hardness and recovery time when applied topically.

The oil applies smoothly and then dries out – just like VigRX Oil too.

Prosolution Gel
image showing Prosolution gel box

Product Name: Prosolution Gel

Product Description: Prosolution Gel is a penis cream that helps you get a hard erection very quickly. You have to apply this herbal formula directly on your penis shaft. In seconds you would feel the formula working as the L-Arginine inside rushes to produce nitric oxide – the blood vessel dilation gas. With sexual excitement, your boner would be ready in minutes for penetration.

Availability: OnlineOnly


Prosolution Gel would give you a bigger erection, longer sexual stamina and a super duper orgasm that would make you want one every time. I have tried this cream and I can honestly say that I experienced every bit of what I just said! Also, your recovery time to go again is just minutes after rounds one[1]!

  • Quality
  • Ingredients
  • Side Effects
  • Effectiveness


  • 67 Money Back Guarantee
  • Immediate Results
  • Quick erection recovery
  • Condom Compatible
  • Safe for oral sex
  • Natural Formula
  • Discreet and Bonuses Offered


  • Not sold in stores
  • Not Cheap
  • Having a little initial burning effect — due to the Menthol
  • Results may vary


VigRX Oil VS Prosolution Gel – Which One Should You Choose

Choosing between the VigRX Oil and the Prosolution Gel is simply a matter of preference. Meaning they both works the same way – and give the same results.

The only difference comes with the ingredients. These hard on creams are made by the same company Leading Edge Health. They use a different formulation for each of them.

Due to the ingredients profiles, Prosolution Gel has a burning feeling at first but VigRX Oil doesn’t. Nevertheless, I can honestly tell you that these two creams are very effective to get you hard fast!

Both of these male enhancement creams cost the same price and have the same effectiveness. You only have to choose one – it doesn’t matter. But I personally prefer VigRX Oil, due to its non-burning feeling.

For best results, apply a small amount of cream onto your penis before sex and let it penetrate for 10-15 minutes. In this time you can spend romancing.


Conclusion: Using These Topical Male Enhancers to Go Multiple Times

In conclusion, choosing a male enhancement cream depends entirely on you as you can see from the discussion above. You have to choose one to suit your needs.

But, if you like me and want the best of all the worlds, I suggest you use some sex pills like VigRX Plus, an orgasm pill like Semenax, a PE delay spray like VigRX Delay Spray and the erection oil VigRX Oil.

Now, you may be wondering how to use all of them together. Let me explain a routine… if you plan to have sex with multiple rounds. Actually, without the products above you cannot go all night long because your body and penis would feel strained, drained and beaten up.

So here’s the deal…

In the morning, take one VigRX Plus with 2 Semenax pills. In the evening, at least one hour before sex take another of the same dosage [1 VigRX Plus and 2 Semenax]. Before intercourse, use 3 sprays of VigRX Delay Spray onto your penis and massage all over your shaft and glans[testicles].

Romance your woman in the meantime the delay spray starts to kick in. Before entry put on a condom. This way when you ejaculate, the semen remains in the condom. With the semen in your spouse, the second round wouldn’t be enjoyable and pleasurable. Her inside would be too slimy.

Now, take your time, go slow. Relax and breathe deep. Stop moving if you feel to break. Keep moving and stopping multiple times to prolong your intercourse time.

When the pressure builds up too intense and you cannot keep it longer, then you can let it GO. You would notice as you ejaculate, you would start screaming and moaning. Keep it down. Kids or neighbors may hear. The sweet, mind-blowing orgasm is where the Semenax comes in. This pill is such an amazing orgasm pill, you can’t do without it!

Now, for Rounds 2…

After you feelings die down, clean up with some baby wipes – you and your partner. At this point, you would still be hard. Your penis is also quick to get hard-rock erected again due to the VigRx Plus you used. 😉

You can now apply a dime size amount of VigRX Oil to your penis and massage well. This topical boner cream would also help you get a strong erection quickly back again and prevent penis fatigue at the base.

Have some foreplay for another 10 minutes or so. When you’re ready to enter, you can choose to use another condom if you plan to go for Round 3 or go bareback.

Also, you’ll notice that I didn’t say to use another bout of VigRX Delay Spray. The reason why is because your penis would be still numb from the first usage. Only the erection oil is needed here.

So, how is the inside now? Not Slimy? Quite tight? Right? Did I hear you say a Thank You? You’re Welcome. At this point, you can rinse and repeat what I said above because all the enhancement products below are at your service!

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