10 Secrets How to Last Longer in Bed

Definitive Guide for a Man to Satisfy His Partner

Premature ejaculation is no laughing matter. This sex problem affects over 40% of men.

The worst part of PE is that it demeans your self-esteem and confidence in bed.

Yes, PE is embarrassing. She is getting started, and you just finished.

Let’s go into a 3D scenario to re-create this…

You’re at the point of entry. Your breathing is shallow and fast — and your penis is throbbing and super sensitive.

In less than 45 seconds, you explode… and as for the sexual pleasures you felt, they weren’t satisfying.

And not to mention that your spouse is left hanging… just as she starts or about to feel nice, you’re done.

Well, we can change that.

Starting Tonight!

From my experience, I have discovered 10 tips on how to last longer in bed for men.

But, don’t expect to last all night long immediately as you first have to develop and train yourself with some of these secrets, techniques or rules.

So, let’s get right into it, but first…

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how men can last longer in bed

1. Drink Coffee Before Intercourse

Coffee helps to strengthen your erection power! You should drink 30 mins before. A harder erection makes you less sensitive and ‘more’ numb.

According to research “Men who drink the equivalent caffeine level of two to three cups of coffee a day are less likely to have erectile dysfunction (ED), according to researchers from The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth).”

And apart from making you harder, it would make you last longer during sex when you do the start and stop method I discussed below.

I’m talking about the ability to pound away all of a sudden even if you’re can’t last 30 seconds!

2. Prolong Foreplay

Now, you have heard this a million times. Don’t approach sex like a bird.

Take your time. Do it Slow.

Romance, Romance, and More Romance.

Foreplay, Foreplay, and More Foreplay.

Foreplay and romance help to decrease and calm your excitement, your pounding heart rate, and pressure that builds up to your penis.

Your body would get relax and less prone to premature ejaculation.

Another important thing is that when I talk foreplay and romance, I’m talking you doing to your partner and not her doing to you!

Well, this rule is not set in stone. If you know you can take some of her romance without breaking, then go for it!

This would actually help release your excitement too. But remind her to take it slow too.

Finally, you should romance and do foreplay until she orgasms. Just take your time and enjoy her body.

In this way, when the time comes for you to ejaculate, she would feel fulfilled and satisfy.

Now, if you desire her to cum like a train for you… the secret is…

… to RELAX her.

As she is getting near her orgasm delicately urge her in a low, sluggish voice by saying something like:

“Come for me now, my love”.

“You’re so wet… come for me, princess”.

“Relax, baby, and come for me”.

Now, I understand those lines could seem very cheesy to you… but they work like gangbusters… and here’s why…

For a woman to have a spine-cracking no-holds-barred and nothing-held-back orgasm where she’s sobbing and moaning and screaming your name… she has to give up total control of her body and mind.

When you offer her this gentle peace of mind and reassurance that she can trust you and give up control, she will be incapable to stop herself from having an extremely intense orgasm.

3. Do the Start and Stop Method

This method is where you feel that you want to ejaculate, you stop and wait until the feeling goes down, and then move again.

This can be tricky since you might not able to control your urge to break or you may try to stop at the point of no return.

The general rule is to play it safe and stop well ahead of when you would feel that you want to break.

Also, when you’re moving in and out, try to alternate between shallow thrusting and deep thrusting.

Finally, when you stop thrusting, you can come out and romance her a bit, rub her body, etc. to let your feelings die down before riding again.

4. Take Deep Breaths

Deep breathing helps you last longer in bed!

Yes, this simple technique helps to release energy and calm your sexual excitement.

It is easy to forget during sexual excitement, so always keep it at the back of your mind. Take controlled deep breaths at regular intervals.

5. Talk to Your Partner

Don’t take this secret lightly because this simple technique works the first time!

The first thought that might come to your mind is dirty talk. But, that’s far from the truth.

Start talking to a woman dirty can turn her off or even offend her. And dirty talk can cause too much excitement on your mind and can lead to premature ejaculation!

So, avoid dirty talk – for the most part. However, some women enjoy dirty talk at the end.

You don’t have to dive right in there being raunchy and specific. Every woman wants to hear how beautiful she is and how sexy her body is… as you kiss her neck and breast, caress her with your hand and run your lips down her body.

Now, when you start foreplay, start talking to her. Yes, talk to her sweetly and softly. Every kiss you make, talk to her.

Tell her everything sexily. During your long session of foreplay always keep talking to her.

Let her know how much you love her. How beautiful she is. And all the bells and whistle you can think of, that you know she would like to hear.

Take things slowly. What you are actually doing here is that whilst you’re talking to her, you’re relaxing your body. Your body too is feeling enjoyment. There is no thought or stress of premature ejaculation.

Talking is going to relieve sexual pressure and energy from your body. Your muscles and nerves would all be in a relaxed state.

After you have finished the foreplay, go ahead and enter her. But at the same time keep talking to her with calmness in your voice.

Enter slowly whilst breathing deeply. Now, when you’re are inside, relax. Don’t do anything.

Just keep talking to her and enjoy the feeling of being in her. By the way, what more important things you got to do than making love to her? So why hurry?

Now, if you normally break fast as you just enter, you would be surprised NOW!

You don’t have the feeling to ejaculate!

You have entered her and relaxed in her — rather than before you would spurt out just as you touch her.


6. PC Squeeze During Intercourse

Do you know about your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle or where it is?

Well, the next time you’re taking a pee, try to stop it and then, let it go.

Stop and let it go until you get a feel of the muscle at work. That is your PC muscle or pelvic floor muscles.

By strengthening this muscle, you can become a stud in bed. Yes, this very muscle can make you last longer during sex.

So naturally, during the day or when you’re sitting down, you should keep contracting and releasing your PC muscle.

Try to contract and hold as long you can. The longer you can hold it, this is where you know you’re strengthening it.

During intercourse, you should also constantly contract and hold your PC muscle. You would find it very effective to stop the urge to ejaculate when you’re doing the start and stop method above.

7. Sex Positions

There are few sex positions that help to prevent too much sensitivity on your penis head and thus, help you last longer.

Also, during sex, you should keep changing positions. The two sex positions I like are Cow Girl and Seated Position with Woman on Top.

Check out this article about them.

8. Edging, the Right Way!

Edging is just like the stop-and-start method above but the only difference is that you’re doing it without a woman.

It is where you bring yourself to the point just before ejaculating and stop. You let the feeling subsides and then bring yourself again to the point just before ejaculating and stop.

You keep doing this as many times as possible without ejaculating.

However, I tried this but it didn’t help me. Maybe it’s gonna help you.

I personally don’t recommend this as it’s a waste of time. The reason why is because you have to stimulate yourself with your hand.

Now the vagina of your spouse is a different environment than your hand. It is softer, warmer and pulsating.

With this kind of environment, you are sure to break asap and all the edging with your hands you do would be of no use!

So, what do I recommend? How about doing edging with your partner? When you’re inside her, use her vagina as your edging practice!

Yes, and keep doing this as many times as possible without breaking. And when you have enough, don’t break at the end.

Keep your semen in. Just make her cum with foreplay and romance. You will feel powerful after this. And this would strengthen your penis and prolong stamina.

By doing this above, you can go multiple times during the day because you would be full of sexual energy.

If you can do this above, you can allow yourself to ejaculate 3 times per week — Monday, Wednesday and Saturday for example.

Well, as you can see, this is just like the start and stop method. Enough said.

9. Don’t Masturbate!

I saw many websites recommending masturbation as a method to help you last longer in bed.

Well, from my experience, this is far from the truth.

Actually, masturbation would embarrass you in bed!

You see, masturbation weakens your erection strength and quality!

Especially if you’re a frequent masturbator and you have to enter a woman; you would find that your penis suddenly goes dead when you enter her.

The reason why is because your penis is accustomed to your hand and not her warm, moist vagina!

Here are 7 reasons why you should stop masturbation now –

  1. It weakens the body and cripples its full sexual potential when the real time comes.
  2. Trouble forming an emotional bond with others.
  3. Uncontrollable sexual thoughts, fantasies or feelings.
  4. Irritability
  5. Lack of attraction towards the opposite sex.
  6. Sexual dysfunctions such as ED.
  7. Isolating yourself from others – which may eventually, lead to depression.

Well, I know some of you would disagree with me.

But if you want to take my advice, then stop masturbating today and start going to the gym.

Build your body to be the desire of every woman. Don’t cradle up in your room and watch porn and masturbate. Hit that gym buddy.

Yes, don’t waste time with these degrading activities when you can spend your time at the gym and build your body to attract any woman you want.

Furthermore, you can go into penis enlargement. All you need is a hydro penis pump… 

A water penis pump helps to make your penis bigger, harder, stronger and make you less sensitive to ejaculate fast.

You see, this device makes your erectile tissues larger and thicker. Because of this, your penis would be less prone to premature ejaculation.

And not to mention, your lady would love the new big and fulfilling size. Guaranteed!

10. Use a Delay Spray For Instant Results

Now for the best tip on how to last longer in bed… use a male desensitizer spray — like VigRX Plus Delay Spray.

VigRX Delay Spray helps to desensitize your penis safely which ultimately prolongs your ejaculation time.

Yes, this last longer in bed spray is packed with some powerful herbs and the local anesthetic Benzocaine. The Benzocaine acts as a numbing agent that blocks nerve signals in your body. 

The Benzocaine used is about 10% – and the herbal ingredients are – Licorice Root Extract, Ceylon Cinnamon Bark, Panax Ginseng Root, Raspberry Fruit Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, White Peony Root, Wild Yam Root, Black Cohosh Root, Maca and Damiana.

These herbs are an added benefit as they help to harden your erection quality too!

Just use 1-3 sprays on your shaft and wait for 10-15 minutes for it to be absorbed. And just like that, you’re ready to curb premature ejaculation as of tonight!


To last longer in bed takes practice. If you want to really master it, as you enter your partner, just lay there as long as possible kissing and romancing gently.

This act above will train your penis to know her and it will desensitize itself after a few days.

This desensitizing doesn’t mean anything is wrong with your penis or sexual desire it’s just that your penis knows its territory now. 

After a few weeks of just making your penis feeling comfortable with her, you can start pounding her away as you would be able to last longer.

Also, when you feel to break just stop moving and relax until the feeling goes away.

Another important thing to note is don’t ejaculate every time you make love to her. Try to do break every other day. This would make you stronger and better for your health.

Remember too much ejaculation weakens the body.

However, you can take an herbal sex enhancement supplement to give your body the sexual power and boost it needs to be virile and go multiple sessions.

And don’t forget to talk to your girl from the beginning of the foreplay till the end to help you last longer in bed.

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I am the owner of enhanceers.com and an alternative medicine enthusiast for the past 20 years. I love to take care of my health and stay in shape.

The male enhancement field is my specialty. There are many scam products in this industry that are full of inferior ingredients and harmful substances. Due to this, I only recommend the ones that I’ve used that produce ZERO side effects.

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