Fat Burners for Men and Women

(Last Updated On: August 22, 2018)


It’s difficult to turn on the television or flip through the glossy pages of a magazine without being bombarded with advertisements proclaiming the wonders of fat burners for men. Unfortunately, as many have found out the hard way, the bulk of these weight loss supplements are nothing more than a combination of fancy ingredients and catchy slogans.

While it’s important to realize there is no “magic pill” to instantly shed unwanted body fat from your frame, there are a select few weight loss supplements known to promote actual fat loss while simultaneously supporting a healthy lifestyle. However, before delving into these highly acclaimed supplements, what exactly is a fat burner?


Weight Loss Supplements – An Exploration Into the Past and Present

Officially known as anti-obesity medications or supplements, these products are designed to support, and in some cases alter, the fundamental steps in weight regulation. This goal is accomplished in two primary methods: adjusting appetites and altering the way the body absorbs calories, fats or carbohydrates. Of course, there are other methods in which fat burning pills achieve their desired results. For example, many pills promise weight loss by stimulating the metabolism, which promotes the utilization of stored fat cells for energy.

As time moved forward, the number of weight loss medications and supplements grew and grew. While some offer genuine results, most are nothing more than vitamins and minerals that promote health, but unfortunately, not weight loss. That is until three specific fat burning supplements made their way onto the market. These pills feature ingredients that are not only scientifically supported, but simultaneously supported by the weight loss community. These weight loss supplements include: Adiphene, Phen375 and Garcinia Cambogia.


The Best Fat Burners for Men That Are Worth Your Time and Money

There are many sites proclaiming the wonders of specific weight loss pills, but few of these supplements offer the scientific research and real-world testimonials as the following three fat burners for men.


#1 Adiphene – A Multi-Step Approach to Fat Loss

Unlike many weight loss supplements, which primarily focus on one attribute to promote weight loss, Adiphene incorporates 12 individual natural fat fighters to establish a fat burning environment while simultaneously supporting the body’s natural ability to shed unhealthy body weight. The highly concentrated ingredients immediately begin to alter your metabolism to effectively call upon stored fat cells for energy. Along with supporting an above-average metabolic rate, Adiphene prevents overeating by suppressing appetite and actually inhibiting fat accumulation from food sources.


Active Ingredients for Effective Fat Loss

Adiphene is different than many other weight loss supplements on the market as its ingredients are not only readily discussed, but are scientifically proven to support overall fat loss. In every serving, you’ll intake 12 different compounds designed to attack fat in five different directions. These ingredients include:


  • Bitter Orange – This compound effectively suppresses appetite while simultaneously increasing energy. In fact, a study outlined in the 2002 edition of the “Journal of Medicine” found the active compounds in bitter orange increases the thermogenesis activity within the body in a similar way as, the now illegal, ephedrine.
  • Chromium Picolinate – Designed to enhance the efficiency of insulin, chromium picolinate support’s the body’s natural ability to breakdown fat and glucose by stimulating insulin activity.
  • Guaranna Extract – By stimulating the release of specific hormones from your adrenal glands, such as dopamine, adrenaline and epinephrine, guaranna extract assists in burning accumulated fat while simultaneously controlling hunger and increasing mental clarity and physical endurance.
  • Ginseng Panax Root Extract (10%) – Through its ability to modulate carbohydrate metabolism, this ingredient improves fat cell utilization while also enhancing concentrating and thinking skills.


Other powerful ingredients include:

  • Cacao Extract
  • Cinnamon Extract (4%)
  • Cayenne Capsicum (40M HU/G)
  • Glucomannan
  • Chitosan Extract
  • Vitamin B6
  • L-Carnitine HCL
  • Ginger Root Extract


The Bottom Line

While many fat burners for men proclaim their ability to shed unwanted pounds, few offer the myriad of scientifically backed ingredients as Adiphene. While the exact weight loss experienced depends on your natural chemistry, the manufacturers of this life-changing product suggest that after three months of regular supplementation, you’ll experience significant weight loss and improved bodily functions.


#2 Phen375 – Ignite Your Natural Fat Burning Abilities

Released in 2009, Phen375 is among the only prescription strength, pharmaceutical-quality diet pills on the market. Manufactured with the strongest attention to detail, Phen375 is designed to shed unwanted body fat by attacking fat accumulation in three directions:


  1. Enhanced Metabolism – By increasing your metabolism through a myriad of scientifically-backed, all-natural compounds, you’ll begin to shed unwanted pounds without having to delve into a tasteless and boring diet plan.
  2. Powerful Appetite Suppressant – Throughout its integration of potent appetite suppressants, such as 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine, your hunger triggers are dulled, which allows you to eat less while feeling satisfied for longer.
  3. Effective Fatty Tissue Breakdown – Lastly, stored fatty deposits throughout your body are depleted by triggering increased blood flow to the fat cells, which enhances your own natural ability to breakdown stored fats for energy.


The amount of research that went into each ingredient, Phen375 is capable of delivering its promised results without the need of jarring stimulants or dangerous synthetic compounds. Since all compounds are rated “pharmaceutical grade” and manufactured in an FDA pharmaceutical registered laboratory, each pill contains the purest compounds geared toward actual fat loss. In fact, the potency of Phen375 yields an average fat loss of three to five pounds per week – and that’s without exercising.


The Bottom Line

With a total of eight powerful ingredients, which include: Calcium Carbonate, Chromium Picolinate, L-Carnitine, Citrus Aurantium Fruit Extract, Caffeine Powder Anhydrous, Cayenne, Dendrobium Nobile Extract and Coleus Forskolii Root PE, Phen375 is among the most focused weight loss supplement in terms of ingredient potency. The ever-growing list of testimonials, and continuous release of scientific research, makes this one of the most powerful and promising fat burning products on the current market. And with a solid weight loss guarantee, Phen375 may just be the answer to your weight loss problem.


#3 Garcinia Cambogia – Streamlined for Natural Fat Loss

In the realm of weight loss supplements, it’s rare to locate a product with only one primary active ingredient. In many cases, those with a single ingredient are not nearly as effective as their multi-ingredient counterparts; however, most fat burners for men don’t use the powerful compound known as Garcinia Cambogia.

Native to South East Asia, Garcinia Cambogia attacks body fat from four directions. However, the true power within this supplement is its primary active compound – Hydroxyctric Acid, or HCA. This unique compound has been shown to:

  1. Inhibit Fat Cell Accumulation – By blocking the compound known as Citrate Lyase, your body cannot convert consumed carbohydrates into fat cells. Rather, crabs are immediately utilized for energy production.
  2. Potent Appetite Suppressant – Its ability to inhibit the production of the two hunger hormones, Neuropeptide Y and Ghrelin, significantly reduces unwarranted hunger cravings.
  3. Enhanced Energy – By supporting the conversion of carbohydrates to glycogen, you’ll experience healthy spikes in energy, which boost productivity and mental alertness.
  4. Elevated Mental Function – Through its ability to enhance circulating serotonin levels within your brain, HCA balances your mood and prevents cognitive dysfunction from altering your workout and diet plans.

Although Garcinia Cambogia is effective for all users, those who experience afternoon slumps in energy levels and those who engage in emotional eating seems to achieve the highest level of fat loss. With 1,000 milligrams of pure Garcinia Cambogia extract, which is packed with 60% HCA content, you’ll soon experience an increase in energy, a decrease in appetite and a significant reduction in stored fat cells.



I know there are many fat burners for men out there claiming to be the most effective of all times. Well I don’t have time to dispute them and I don’t want to. You see if you believe in fate, then you’ve come to this page looking for a solution. To get the best fat burners that you can find. Well the pills I have discussed or recommend on this blog are not any scammed or low quality. The companies have been in business for a long time with good reputation. So if you’re serious about losing weight, then you definitely need a fat burner supplement in your life to make your weight loss goal easy.



Many people are looking for the best thermogenic fat burner after the consumers was informed about this new term some years ago. And the searches and competition are getting greater. But before I go straight into what product you should choose, lets go back a bit into history…

As the understanding of fat accumulation expands, so does the abilities of weight loss supplements. However, the use of supplements to assist in fat loss is nothing new. In fact, the first written evidence of weight loss supplements dates back to ancient Greece, when Soranus of Ephesus prescribed purgatives and laxatives along with external treatments to promote fat loss. The combination of laxatives and purgatives to control weight remained standard practice for thousands of years, until the medical breakthroughs of the 1920s and 1930s. From here, the weight loss industry began growing in not only how it approached fat loss, but in the medications used to accomplish these goals.

Unfortunately, as with many medical advances of the early 20th century, the majority of weight control medications resulted in disfiguring, and even deadly, symptoms. Perhaps the most popular fat burning supplement in modern times was Fen-phen and ephedra. While these two substances produced life-altering weight loss, they also increased the risk of life-threatening conditions, such as strokes, valvular heart disease and hypertension. Because of this, the U.S. Government quickly took these items off the shelf.

While the industry has changed in regards to how it finds and approves weight loss ingredients, the primary goal for many remains the same – increase the body’s natural thermogenic functions to boost overall fat loss. It’s with this fundamental goal, Adiphene was created.


What is Thermogenesis and How Does It Promote Fat Loss?

In the most fundamental sense, thermogenesis is the biological process of heat production within any organism. In terms of humans and body weight, thermogenesis directly refers to your metabolism and your body’s natural ability to draw upon stored fat for energy. The entire concept of thermogenesis is based upon the belief that in order for energy to be created, it must be given a fuel. In terms of your body, part of this fuel lays within your fat cells. Therefore, by increasing your thermogenic rate (metabolism) you increase the amount of fuel used during the creation of this energy. Ultimately, this results in stored fat reduction.


Adiphene – Potent Thermogenic Ingredients

The heart of this thermogenic fat burner is its two primary metabolism-boosting ingredients, which include Cinnamon Extract and Cayenne Pepper. In fact, the concentration and purity of these compounds suggests users will burn up to 270 calories per day by simply supplementing with Adiphene. However, to truly explore the potential of this fat burner, it’s imperative to delve into its primary active compounds.


  • Cinnamon Extract – Although the final verdict regarding the actual effectiveness of cinnamon extract on increasing your thermogenic rate is still out, preliminary evidence suggests the active compounds in cinnamon extract inhibits insulin resistance while simultaneously lowering the glycemic index of foods you eat. This means the foods you consume slowly adjust your blood sugar levels, which ultimately results in reduced abdominal fat accumulation.
  • Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum) – Modern research suggests the primary active compound in cayenne, known as capsicum, significantly boosts your metabolic rate while dilating blood flow to fatty tissue. By increasing circulation throughout fatty tissue, its availability for energy usage is dramatically increased. Moreover, a study published in the 2009 edition of the Journal of Clinical Nutrition found capsaicin inhibited the production of the hunger hormone, ghrelin.



More Than a Thermogenic Fat Burner – Other Active Ingredients with Benefits

Unlike many metabolism boosters, Adiphene does far more than stimulate your metabolism. Through its unique blend of 10 other herbal ingredients (not including cayenne and cinnamon), this fat burning formula attacks stored fat cells from multiple directions. These other ingredients include:


  • Ginger Root Extract – Designed to boost metabolism and promote whole body detoxification.
  • L-Carnitine HCL – Promotes the conversion of stored fat deposits into usable energy through its fat metabolizing properties.
  • Vitamin B6 – Naturally supports a faster metabolism while simultaneously metabolizing fats to be used as energy. This compound also enhances the bio-availability of nutrients responsible for promoting healthy digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Chitosan Extract – Attaches itself to fats consumed through food sources. This compound safely encompasses up to six times its weight in fat, and safely eliminates this captured fat, which prevents it from being absorbed and stored.
  • Glucomannan – Derived from the kanjac root, this herb effectively suppresses your appetite. Its potency is among the strongest within the appetite suppressant category according to various studies and real-world users.
  • Cocao Extract – Not only does this herb stimulate your mind, but it effectively inhibits fat from being stored, according to data derived from the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry.
  • Ginseng Panax Root Extract – This herb is responsible for capturing and metabolizing carbohydrates while simultaneously improving cognitive function.


Other Ingredients Include: Guaranna Extract, Chromium Picolinate and Bitter Orange.


The Bottom Line – Is Adiphene Worth Your Money?

When compared to the hundreds of other thermogenic fat burners on the market, Adiphene is different on three distinct levels:

  1. Ability to promote and sustain increased thermogenic activity
  2. Targeted fat loss through various directions
  3. Gentle stimulating effects great for those sensitive to other stimulant-based fat burners

The actual effectiveness of Adiphene can widely vary based upon your unique body chemistry and lifestyle factors. This being noted, this is among the only weight management supplements on the market that utilizes such targeted herbal ingredients. Based upon this factor alone, the majority of users should expect a some level of fat reduction after taking Adiphene. But if you want real fast result incorporate this thermogenic fat burner with regular exercises to see wonders.

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According to data outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly one-third of the adult American population is classified as obese. This astonishing number breaks down to nearly 78.6 millions adults. If you were to delve deeper into these statistics, you’d uncover even more disturbing facts, such as obesity-related diseases is the number one cause of preventable death within the United States.

It’s with this knowledge that hundreds, if not thousands, of weight loss products are released each year. While one would imagine these products would be helping the public, the sad truth, the vast majority do absolutely nothing to shrink the growing waists of Americans. In fact, many of these weight loss supplements can actually harm your body. Although the only way to reach true, sustainable weight loss is through a healthy diet and regular exercise, there are several weight loss supplements capable of supporting this goal.

Phen375 is one of those products. Designed with the highest-quality ingredients backed by research, this fat burner is designed to:


  • Produce noticeable weekly weight loss
  • Maximize overall appetite suppression to keep you from overeating
  • Supercharge your metabolism to help you naturally burn body fat


Phen375 | Prescription-Strength Results Without the Hassle

Perhaps the greatest benefit of Phen375 is its ability to produce some of the greatest results within the non-prescription weight loss industry. In fact, reviews are pouring in that this supplement is just as effective as expensive, and potentially dangerous, prescription medications. While it’s irresponsible to suggest Phen375 is capable of doing the job of prescribed weight loss aides, it is safe to say this is a potent formulation based strictly on its ingredients.

Each ingredient was carefully chosen based upon its purity and clinical data. All compounds are refined to ensure safety and maximum effectiveness. Originally formulated and released in 2009, Phen375 features years of proven results from men and women of all walks of life. By attacking the multiple causes of weight gain, you can experience significant fat loss. Upon consumption, this fat burner works by:


  • Enhancing the efficiency of your metabolism
  • Suppressing your appetite so you consume fewer calories
  • Support the overall breakdown of fatty tissue
  • Reduce cravings for unhealthy foods
  • Prevent major muscle loss commonly experienced while dieting
  • Decrease your body’s ability to store incoming fats


Phen375 | Ingredients for Maximum Fat Loss

The heart of this unique fat burner pill is its ingredients. While other products may feature similar ingredients, few offer this level of purity and effectiveness. With every dose, you’re receiving:



  • L-Carnitine | This unique ingredient mimics the biological activity of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), which assists in the transportation of fatty acids via your metabolism. In short, HCG is responsible for supporting the release of body fat into your bloodstream so it may be used for energy. By supporting this biological action, you’re burning a greater amount of body fat without sacrificing muscle tissue.
  • Sympathomimetric Amine | This ingredient is derived from the Citrus aurantium is classified as a natural stimulant capable of supporting your natural ability to constantly call upon stored fat cells by increasing your metabolism. It’s with this ingredient your metabolism is supercharged for maximum efficiency.
  • Caffeine | While this may be a common ingredient, its use within this formula is quite uncommon. By giving your body a natural boost of energy you’re able to burn a greater degree of fat. Also, caffeine acts as a natural appetite suppressant capable of reducing your overall hunger, which results in consuming far fewer calories throughout your day.
  • Capsaicin | The primary active compound in hot peppers, this potent 12:1 concentration works to efficiently push all other active ingredients throughout your body. By raising your body’s temperature, it increases blood circulation throughout smaller blood vessels while supporting your ability to burn up to 270 extra calories per day through a process known as thermogenesis. Many find this to be the secret ingredient to making Phen375 one of the best fat burners for men in the industry.



The Verdict on Phen375

Although there are literally hundreds of options you have when it comes to shedding unwanted weight, few offer the potency and safety of Phen375. Phen375 has nothing to do with the banned drug Phentermine even thought the longer version of its name is Phentermine375. Since its release, roughly 200,000 customers have lost a significant amount of body fat. When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and effortlessly your overall fat content drops.

I guess the company is so confident in their product that they think just 4 month supply of Phen375 is good enough to make a person shed 80 pounds! – according to their website.

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